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Elite Training Sessions

Athletics and Academics "Elite Training Sessions" goal is to provide the optimal opportunity for athletes seeking physical, mental, and emotional growth on and off the court. Whether it's earning a college scholarship, making the basketball team, or just improving your skills, ETS is structured in a way so kids can pursue and achieve their athletic goals progressively through our multi-layered services.

Led by 12 year NBA veteran Adonal Foyle, our progressive and challenging training programs produce immediate results for athletes as they build confidence through hard work. In all our programs, we aim to create an atmosphere where athletes will grow and learn to become strong leaders, good teammates, and better athletes than they were before the first training session.


  • Individual Basketball Training
  • Team Basketball Training
  • Coaches Basketball Training
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness Training
  • Recruiting Video Packaging

Individual Sessions: $150.00 per hour
Team Sessions: $1,000.00 per hour