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Insiders tips

This month's "Insider Tips" takes a look at:

Do's and Don'ts of the Fast Break...


  • Look up and see the whole floor.
  • Pass ahead to the open player (until someone has a good scoring opportunity)
  • Sprint the floor. (Run! Run! Run!)
  • Play under control.
  • Let the play make itself.
  • Read the numbers. Go where you have an advantage.
  • Get wide to fill the lanes.
  • Make the easy play.
  • When bringing the ball down in the middle, stop at the foul line to make a play.
  • Use the chest pass on the break; the bounce pass is too hard to handle.
  • If the back player (trailer), delay at half court to cover the break defensively.
  • Be a good receiver.
  • DON'T:

  • Have your mind made up about what you want to do.
  • Overpass.
  • Jump to pass.
  • Pass to a player in trouble.
  • Take giant steps. (Settle for the open 12-footer instead of the contested 8-footer)